Alexander Raditya

Hey there my name is Alex…I’m indonesian and a freelance photographer, well i’d rather you mention me as an artist. I studied graphic design and photography in one of the most favorite indonesian art univerity, Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta.After i finish my bachelor degree, i got work opportunity in Munich, Germany as graphic designer for exhibition contractor company. I moved to Germany early 2002 and setled there. Eventhough I was working as a Graphic Designer, my passion to photography never gone. I do photography as my side job. I took another photography school, Wissenschaften FH München and Stevan Gsell Digital Imaging in Munich to learn more.What I got from it, its opened my perspective, my passion of photography and mind to be professional photographer in field.

By the beginning of 2009 I moved back to my country to fight my new battle field. Bali is my choice! Why? It is paradise…like people said, and yeah.. thats true. Since then I start my new life and do what I love…. making pictures.